Should you choose light or dark tone hardwood flooring?

Color is one of the big choices you’ll be making when selecting wood floors because it sets the tone of a room. Light floors have an airy, contemporary look, while dark floors are elegant and sophisticated. Medium tones, which fall in the middle, set a tone of warmth and comfort. Our hardwood flooring store has a large inventory of species and stains, and you'll be happy you came in!

Benefits of light vs. dark wood flooring

From a design point of view, lighter floors are airy and contemporary, giving the room brightness and an even more spacious feel. Since they are so subtle, they won't take center stage and allow other decorative pieces, paint, or wallpaper to stand out. Light floors also hide scratches, scuffs, and other dirt, and if you have a pet with white or light fur, you'll be thrilled you chose these floors.

Dark floors, which are getting even darker these days, such as true black, espresso, or ebony, highlight the wood's grain, and we've been told by real estate sales associates around the country that these floors have the best resale value. They lend themselves well to rustic decor, but since they contrast nicely with other colors, you can create sophisticated, dramatic effects, such as black and white or black and red, etc.  If you feel your dark floors are making the room too dark or making it look small, you can balance it out using a very light color on the walls. You will need to vacuum or dry mop frequently, as these floors tend to show dust and dirt more, but they will hide dark pet fur.

Medium tones can be best of both worlds

These fall in the middle and are classic and rich, really how most people think of wood floors. Medium shade floors show off the knots and swirl better and work with any environment, whether it's contemporary, traditional, or even cottage.

Hardwood floor installation as a tongue and groove should only be done by a professional quality installer, as is our in-house team.  It needs to be precise, accurate, sometimes requires some subfloor repair, and always demands regular moisture readings throughout the process.  To learn more, visit the Blue Ribbon Floor & Window Covering showroom in Burbank, CA, especially if you live in or around Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, San Fernando Valley, or Los Angeles. Be sure to get your free wood flooring quote.